Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Red Gate practice

The first of six group practices where we set up a previous Regionals or Nationals Standard or Jumpers course plus some mini and main gambles. Today we started with this Standard course, two tries at it. Walter loved the -4 temperature and showed it with a great level of enthusiasm. Fun! For the life of me I couldn't get a particular landing-side rear cross to work smoothly. A different handling strategy worked better. Both sets of 12-weaves were clean, yay! Oh and note to self, if I'm way ahead of Walter at the frame and running fast, good chance his "natural running frame" will naturally not involve the yellow bit!

These are the mini and main gambles we set up afterward. We didn't get around to trying the frame-jump mini gamble, but Walter didn't have trouble with either of the other two, until on another go at the main gamble I asked him to take the offcourse jump to mix it up. After that, I couldn't get him to go back to taking the out jump for the life of me. Heh.

If only the ambient air temperature at all trials could be -4 degrees (or less)!

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