Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Photos from a spring walk

Wow, is my @#$%^& point and shoot camera ever pathetic. And wow, am I ever bad at using it. Tried the auto and sport settings but neither did a particularly good job. Anyway, took a bunch of photos during a walk on this lovely spring day. Here are the ones I liked for some reason or another. P.S. Yes, poor Lucy is on leash the whole time. I've learned the hard way (though not the hardest way, since she's still alive...) that in most places if she's let off leash, within two minutes she'll be off like a bat outta heck following her hound nose, never to be seen again until my search lucks out and I happen to find her, flitting to and fro in her stoned hound mode (if you've ever had a scenthound you'll know exactly what I'm talking about; I wonder if terriers are the same way?) and hopefully get close enough to get a hold of her. My heart just can't take it anymore, so extenda-leash it is.

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