Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lesson: Distance Challenge

As on Lucy's lesson on Thursday, we worked on the first several exercises of the Distance Challenge in the Jan 2008 Clean Run, using the easier blue line. Like Lucy, the exercise in Figure 2 wasn't a problem. And, like with Lucy, in Figure 3 again I had trouble with the flip/rear cross from 2 to 3, and AGAIN desperately threw up both hands to send him to the tunnel. When in doubt, why use only one arm when two are available? :^) We skipped the Figure 4 exercise; darn, I had been looking forward to comparing his out from 3 to 4 with Lucy's, oh well. The Figure 5 exercise went much more smoothly than with Lucy -- specifically the flip/rear cross from 3 to 4. Next was the Figure 6 exercise in which Walter kept going to the tunnel instead of the #3 jump since I couldn't get my arms figured out. Last we did a modified Figure 6, which was jump #5, #2, #3, then the tunnel and the tunnel straight out from the jump. He did pretty well at this one and I was able to layer the last jump from the far side of the #5 jump which I'm quite sure I wouldn't be able to do with Lucy at this point.

It was a fun lesson!