Saturday, February 21, 2009

Introducing "back"

Had a quick 10 minute practice today with just the tunnel. Worked on sending ahead and finding the entry. Then introduced a new skill, "back", which means do the obstacle you just did in the opposite direction. So, I sent him to the near side of the c-tunnel, then immediately sent him back in to the far side. This skill would have come in VERY handy at a few gambles where the far side of a c-tunnel was the first obstacle.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

New blog feature

Sometimes I lament the fact that I have not one, but oh about seven different blogs to document Lucy and Walter's activities. I mean, I prefer that format for my own use because they're really training logs so it makes tracking each dog's progress in each sport really easy, but it must be a hassle for anyone who visits to have to check each blog individually to see if there's an update. So, I invite you to check out our revised home page,, which now has a nifty new feature on the right side showing each blog's latest update.

Maybe the new feature isn't all that useful though since there is the whole RSS / site feed thing? I have NO clue what that is or how it works, but I'm guessing if you're set up for site feeds then you don't have to actually visit individual blogs? (If anyone would like to enlighten me on this, I would appreciate it :-)

Anyway, hopefully the new updates gadget will be useful to someone out there!