Friday, March 13, 2009

Morning Star trial - Day 1

A fun day with Walter now totally comfy at this venue, no scatterbrain moments at all (on his part at least), even in the wide open airy fairy ring. I was really happy that he nailed all five of his weaves today, no popping -- woo hoo!

He was in 6 runs today. Picked up a Q in Standard and Snooker, and he ran clean in Team (yay weaves!) but our partner had some weave troubles so no Q there. Having messed up my fair share of Teams lately due to weave issues, I could totally sympathize! :-)

NQ'd in the other Snooker due to a dropped a bar in the closing leaving us 5 points shy of a Q. Also NQ'd in both Jumpers, one thanks to an early cue sending him into the wrong tunnel end, the other caused by ... ack, can't remember. Oh well.

Supper was the Masala Dosa dish from the Lotus-Heart-Blossoms Vegetarian Restaurant. Though the menu states the dish can be veganized upon request, and I requested, when I went to pick it up I asked if this was the vegan version, just to be sure. She said yes except the soup. So I said thanks but no thanks for the soup, hence the big empty space in the photo. Why oh why would they give someone a non-vegan soup, and not even mention it, when the vegan version of the dish is what was requested? I didn't make a fuss about it, but it made me wonder if they didn't quite know what they were doing, surprising since it's a veggie restaurant. So who knows if the version I got was vegan. Oh well. It tasted ok but was a little bland. Oh yeah and the papadum is in crumbs because a certain dog who shall remain unnamed jumped onto the container. :-)

Ok, back to agility: On to day 2!

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