Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dialectize this!

Here is a couple uh different versions uh my last post, courtesy uh De Dialectizer, dig dis:

Wednesday, Mawch 25, 2009
Photos fwom a spwing wawk Wow, is my @#$%^& point and shoot camewa evew pathetic. And wow, am I evew bad at using it. Twied the auto and spowt settings but neithew did a pawticuwawwy good job. Anyway, took a bunch of photos duwing a wawk on this wovewy spwing day. Hewe awe the ones I wiked fow some weason ow anothew. P.S. Oh, dat scwewy wabbit! Yes, poow Wucy is on weash the whowe time. I've weawned the hawd way (though not the hawdest way, since she's stiww awive...) that in most pwaces if she's wet off weash, within two minutes she'ww be off wike a bat outta heck fowwowing hew hound nose, nevew to be seen again untiw my seawch wucks out and I happen to find hew, fwitting to and fwo in hew stoned hound mode (if you've evew had a scenthound you'ww know exactwy what I'm tawking about; I wondew if tewwiews awe the same way?) and hopefuwwy get cwose enough to get a howd of hew. My heawt just can't take it anymowe, so extenda-weash it is. Oh, dat scwewy wabbit!

Ok, enough Elmer Fudd already. Here's the "hacker" version. (Has anyone NOT come across this... ummm... "writing style" on the web? Too funny.)

\\\\////\\\\////EDNSDDAY, MRACH 25, 2009
PHoTOS FROM A SPRING WALJK W0W, IS MY @#$%^&& POINT 4ND SHOT CAMAR4 EVaR PATEHTIC and wow, amn 1 3var bad at using it!!!!!!!111 tr3id teh aUto and sprot settinzg but nietehr difd a particularly gpood job ANYWAYT, TOOK A BuNCH OF PHOTOZ DURING A W4LK ON YTH1S OLV3KLY SPRINGD AY,,, hree r teh oNez i 7iekd fro sOme resson 0r 4notehr!!!!!!!!!!!11~ YOU ARE LAME p s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~ LOLOLLLOOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~ yes, poo rlucy si on leash teh whol3 tim3,,, lolollololoololololo~~~~~~~ ololo ive 7eaarnEd the hard waY ((though not thE ahhrdest way sinc3 shes stIlL live,,, !!!!!!!!!!1~ .. ) thazt in /\/\ost placez if shes let off l34sh, within two jiuntes shhE"77 b3 off li3k a Bat Outrta heX0r followin gharr hound nose, nevar to b eseen again ntil my searcH lXu0rz ou tand i ahppw|\| yo fin dher, flittiing too anD fro inm her stoN3d hoUnd mode (1f ypou'v3 ever had a sceNthound youl7 kjnO\\\\////\\\\//// exaCtyl 2what im talkin gaboput;; i wonsdari f tetrreirs 4r the sam3 w4y?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????? lololo~~ ) A|\|D HOPEFUL7Y GET cLOSE 3nOUGh tO GET A HOLD OF HER... YM J3ART JUST CAN'T TAKE IT 4MYMORE, SO EXTENDA-7EASH IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~~

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