Friday, April 25, 2008

Walter is Tiger Woods

Your daily bit of silliness: Which celebrity is your pet?

Tiger Woods
Athletic & Poised

Calm and cool on the outside, feisty and determined on the inside, Walter is everyman athlete Tiger Woods!

Walter proved at an early age that he had the skills to pay the bills, running circles around the competition when he was just a wee whippersnapper. Thanks to his tremendous successes, Walter has set aside an entire wing of his luxurious shelter just to house his collection of trophies and ribbons. A high-class pet with exquisite taste, Walter prefers to be seen with long-legged female mates, preferably those bred from Scandinavian lines. Unwilling to rest on his haunches, Walter has no time to hang out at the 19th hole and pet himself on the back-he's got a lot more green grass to frolic across before throwing in the towel.


andrea said...

isn't that hilarious?? Brody was Simon whathisface from American Idol... brody can be a bit aloof with strangers so it fits pretty well :)

LucyandWalter said...

Bwahahaha! Simon Cowell? Too funny. Some of my friends did the test too and oddly enough they were all pretty accurate. Guess it's kind of like horoscopes: written well enough, they can describe just about anyone to some degree. (no offense to anyone who follows horoscopes.)