Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dream Fields trial - Day 2

Our first run of the day wasn't until about 4pm, with the last run at 7:30pm which made for a bit of a long day since Walter didn't nap much before we left home.

First was Steeplechase: It was a very fun course, but Weaveless Walter made an unexpected appearance. He got the entry but didn't do the rest of the poles. Ok, so I take him back again; same thing. Third time he didn't even enter, just ran right past. This is his third trial run where he's done this so from experience I know that there's no point in insisting cause he just ain't gonna do them. The other times this happened it was quite warm, and Walter isn't too fond of the heat, but today it was a nice cool temperature and he was fresh so I wasn't expecting this Mr. Hyde to appear. So on we went. Oh! And, later on in that run he knocked a bar, the second ever bar he's knocked at a trial. Both of these problems may have been related to speed which I was really pushing, it being Steeplechase and all. Fun fun though.

Jumpers: I led out on him, and he held, barking his fool head off as usual, woo hoo! It was a fun run but I failed to sufficiently support the jump following the chute, so he ran past it.

Snooker: Last run of the day and we were both tired but managed to keep it together for 48 points and a Q. Considered leading out again but it really wasn't necessary and I didn't want to push my luck, so I didn't. :-) There were no weaves in this course so I'll never know if he would have been back into weaving mode or not.

Overall I was really happy with how he ran this weekend. Looking forward to the next trial... and the darned snow melting so the practice fields can open! :-D

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