Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dream Fields Trial and Walter's new title

Just one class today:

Advanced Standard: Walter finally got his Advanced Standard title (SAADC), and he did it in style! A flowy, connected run where he could do no wrong; 12 seconds to spare; first place; best run; and a compliment from the judge afterwards who said the run was very smooth. He confidently stuck his dogwalk and teeter contacts, yeah! So he was among the 3 dogs to Q out of the 27 who ran the course.

So, it took him 9 tries to get his first Adv Standard Q, 4 tries to get his 2nd, and 2 tries to get his third. Got lots to work on to try to get our skills up to par for Masters. Homework (once the practice fields open for the season) is to really work on tunnel/contact discriminations which I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty of. And lots of other neat stuff to work on too; so many awesome Masters teams out there to watch and learn from.

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