Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dream Fields trial: Tumble #2 and Gamble #5

I think Dream Fields trials are my favourites -- Walter always feels so at home there. Anyway, a great day today with Mr. Reliable in which he went 3 for 4. Video below.

Gamblers: Scary moment at the dogwalk! We were going at a decent speed, I shaped his approach but not enough -- he started to scramble on the up ramp and then fell from the top. He landed upright and seemed ok, so I figured I shouldn't turn it into A Big Deal and instead just keep going, keeping a close eye of course to make sure he was ok. If memory serves, this was the second time he's fallen from the dogwalk, first time being quite a while ago. Anyway the gamble was doable for us and many others. His fifth Masters Gamblers Q -- hooray for gambles designed for Not Tunnel Sucks. ;) Oh and hey I just realized this is the ONLY Gamblers Q including Starters and Advanced that I've caught on video!

Jumpers: Last weekend: 3.9 YPS and over time by 2.5 seconds. This weekend: 5.2 YPS and under time by 9 seconds. Go figure. Q.

Steeplechase: We haven't entered Steeplechase since May 2008-- in the cool season we usually "save" our weaves for Standards, and in the warm season we don't enter Standards or Steeplechases because of the weaves thing. But this one fit into the day's schedule well so why not. Two sets of weaves -- during the first set I started clapping, and LOUDLY! What the!?!? The only times I've clapped on course before have been to help get his attention for a turn, so no wonder the poor guy pulled off the weaves. So, incomplete on the first weaves and over time by a couple of seconds.

Snooker: Getting warm and muggy... Planned the opening to not need the #6 weaves so we Qd with the minimum 40 points.

Hoping for cool, happy weaving weather next weekend when Walter runs in Standard for the first time (except for Nationals) since April!


Sam said...

Congrats! *waits anxiously for videos*

Muttsandaklutz said...

LOL :) Videos are up!

Elayne said...

Congrats on all the Q's and nice runs. I like the sassy barking at the start of the Jumpers run.

Don't you love pulling out those weird moves at a trial that you never do anywhere else?

Muttsandaklutz said...

Thanks Elayne. I keep telling him I really wouldn't mind if he ever wanted to bring some of that sass into the actual run! But I guess the momma's boy / obedient dog in him is hard to overcome. :)

Nat said...

Glad that Walter was okay from the DW fall, I guess it's hard to keep that big body on the narrow plank :)

Congrats, lots of great runs, speedy too! His weaves looked nice in the Steeplechase. And I'm envious of his running AF, he hits the darn yellow every single time :)