Monday, September 14, 2009

A couple more thoughts

came to mind and made me smile after writing that last post.

Better a vet than at the vet's!
and my favourite:

Putting Walter in vets isn't the beginning of the END of his agility career;

Putting Walter in vets is the beginning of the EXTENDING of his agility career!
Feeling much better about the whole thing now :)


Elf said...

Despite the fact that USDAA has been gradually making the Performance program (kinda like vets) more and more like the regular Championship program--actually now everything is the same for titling, just sometimes they still give the awards & title names etc. not full enthusiasm--and despite talented people's attempts to encourage people to think of moving *over* to performance instead of *down* to performance, it still felt like I was giving something up to move Tika down from 26" to 22". But, I'll tell you, she is running so much more beautifully and comfortably at 22"--and winning and Qing a lot more, too :-)--that I'm beginning to like the idea of her being here. Although I still have to qualify her victories by saying "in performance, of course."

Muttsandaklutz said...

Yes, there's definitely a perception thing to overcome, isn't there -- both that of others, and our own. There is a bit of anti-special/vet "snobbery" in these parts, but I think/hope it's becoming less and less so.