Monday, August 10, 2009

Nationals videos

Here's the video from Sunday at Nationals. Walter's jumps look particularly choppy in the Jumpers run. Will keep an eye on that for sure.

Also, I forgot to post a link to Walter on tv! How could I forget Walter's 15 milliseconds of fame! A local news station aired a montage of clips from the prequalifier, in which Walter appears twice. The video quality is attrocious: I filmed my tv while it was playing, and the rabbit ears were not in a very cooperative mood so the picture was a tad fuzzy. This link opens the video in You Tube. If you want to skip to the parts with Walter, just click on "1:03" and "2:09" in the video description section.


Elf said...

He's a little choppy, but he keeps his bars up! Good boy. Fun to see you on TV. I like that one part is where he's just being a dog and bouncing around on leash.

Muttsandaklutz said...

Yeah, that's my favourite part too. I had no idea we were being filmed at the time.

Gussie said...

Nice runs, Walter!