Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy dog


Sam said...

Gorgeous dog! Looks like he's having a ton of fun in the water. Very accomplished on the agility field too, I see :)

Looking forward to coming back and reading more about him.

Muttsandaklutz said...

Hi Sam,

Thanks! I think he's kinda cute too.

He does agility because I ask him to, but he definitely LOVES swimming. :-)

Thanks for visiting!

Elayne said...

Lucky boy! I can't wait for September when they open back up our local swimming hole to dogs.

Muttsandaklutz said...

Do the dogs get the boot in the summer...?

Elayne said...

Yes, the Boulder Reservoir shuts the nice beaches to dogs from Memorial day to Labor day (plus or minus a week or two). There are other places to swim around the Rez but they're not as nice-rattlesnakes, naked hippies, lots of other dogs. The nice beaches without the snakes and hippies and are in a fee area so they're usually quiet during the off season, I often have the place to myself first thing in the morning before work or early on the weekends. I don't have to pay the fee because my masters swimming pass gets me in year round.

Nat said...

Such a fun vid! You're lucky that he loves the water so much!


Elf said...

I love that photo! I sure wish there were places around here for the dogs to [legally] swim. I see some in assorted ponds, but they are almost always posted no swimming.

(I keep thinking that I'mm up to date on reading your blogs, but then discover I'm not. Must be the posts to facebook that mess with my brain. :-) )

Muttsandaklutz said...

Yeah guess I am Nat - Lucy on the other hand will go in for a quick dip but prefers to soak in the rays rather than the waves.

That photo is one of my favourites of Walter. Took it with my friend's point and shoot camera which for some reason takes way nicer photos that mine.

I feel your pain Elf. Dogs aren't allowed within a few metres of the shore in most places around here, in case they pee or poo and in so doing alter the balance of the ecosystem and cause mass extinction. Fume-spewing seadoos are just fine, though. Sigh.

This beach is a hidden gem. Lived here all my life and only found out about it this summer through word of mouth. Its history is a bit mysterious in that there's no legal status on who actually owns it. So, the usual dog laws don't apply. There's a sign that says "Dogs must be under control", but that's it. Woo hoo!