Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Qualifier prep fun match

Walter's not going to be doing a lot of agility practice this summer since he gets flat quickly in the heat, so we'll be taking advantage of a series of fun matches that use previous Regionals or Nationals courses as our main form of practice for the next while. Plus they're in the evening, so it's not tooooo hot.

We went to our first one tonight and had a great time. First it was Standard. A pretty straightforward course with 2 sets of 6-weaves instead of the usual 12-weaves. I would sure love to see that more often! The first set he got the entry and popped immediately, possibly because I rear crossed, but the rest he did well including another rear cross.

Then it was Gamblers, and it was the same course we had set up a few months ago. He got the jump/frame/tunnel gamble great on his second and third try (on the first I had fumbled my timing for frame to tunnel), and the final gamble posed no problem at all on both tries.

Both courses involved a flip away from frame to tunnel -- the judge suggested I should be careful with the timing of the flip cue because he responds quickly, so if it's too early he's prone to leaving the frame before hitting the yellow.

Oh and another thing I'll need to remember for summer trials: he slows right down in the heat so his commitment point is pretty different than normal.


Nat said...

Sounds like a great time! I love how at these fun matches the judges give tips and advice. Agreed -- I'd also love to see more 6 poles instead of 12! Hard to believe that Nationals are just a month away now.

Well, think of the bright side...at least Walter doesn't lose his brain when it's hot, LOL! :) Mika slows down a bit in the heat, but she mostly just forgets to watch me! Silly girl.


Muttsandaklutz said...

And it's such a nice, relaxed atmosphere! Great chance to try a few different ways at handling things.