Saturday, June 13, 2009

All Dogs trial - Day 1

Glad to be back in the trial ring! In keeping with my promise to Walter to limit his summer trial load, today he was entered in only two classes, Snooker and Jumpers, which were the first of the day.

Snooker: This run felt mushy, not surprising I guess considering his long layoff. First, he was a bit nervous of the judge on the first dogwalk contact so didn't do 2o2o. Then, he paused for a few seconds on the teeter after tipping it, looking worriedly at the nearby sideline. But it was a fun course, with (WOOT!) no weaves, and the #7 was a single tunnel. Gave him a nice smooth opening and made it through to #6 of the closing before running out of time. So a Q, but not a particularly nice one.

Jumpers: Definitely a better and happier run than the Snooker, but with an off course and a run-by on the last jump. Here are some shots from Jumpers:

Trying to push myself to race Walter instead of jogging along at his side. This resulted in taking my eyes off my dog quite a bit...

... And here's where we went off course ("don't take your eyes off your dog!"):

I've gotten ahead of him again, driving a straight line of jumps, so he opens up to leave out a stride.

Back for a few more runs tomorrow.


Elf said...

Trying to outrace your dog is a great strategy to keep them moving--usually--but I had a huge bruise under my collarbone for weeks from keeping my eye on my dog instead of on where the teeter was--and plenty of off-courses from watching where the next obstacle is instead of my dog. Timing is so important! There's one national champion and world team member whose name I won't mention who almost never goes off course with his dog, but every time I've seen it, he has been SO clearly not watching his dog that from the sidelines we can see the off-course coming a mile away. So the timing is tough at all levels.

Muttsandaklutz said...

Teeter + collarbone = oy!

Timing... so important, yet so difficult to get right. Well I guess it would be a boring sport if everything was easy.