Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yes, yet another practice at Red Gate

At tonight's group practice we ran a couple of standard courses that we made up based on the obstacle layout that was already set up, then we practiced the mini and main gambles from the 2008 Alberta Regionals (Gamblers #3).

In the standard courses, Walter's first set of 12 weaves was good, then on his second and third runs he kept popping near the end. Sigh. Finally he managed to pull off a nice, fast, complete set of poles which are in the video below.

The tunnel/teeter mini wasn't an issue; the jump/tunnel/tire one needed some support to keep him out to the tire. The main gamble I broke down into jump/jump/tunnel then the tunnel/jump/jump then put it all together and he did great. I expected he might be reluctant to go ahead to the jumps, but I guess he had enough momentum going that it wasn't a problem.

Here's a short video:

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Nat said...

That last set of weaves was beautiful! Nice job with the gamble too, that was great.