Monday, April 13, 2009

Practice at Red Gate

A number of specific exercises were on today's to-do list, but who can say no to a fun Regionals course already set up and numbered? So we started with that, with the video camera rolling. Didn't film anything else so that the battery would last until the end for Lucy and Walter's playtime.

Ok, so I was listening to a "best of" Platinum Blonde CD in the car on the way to practice and heard this song and thought it begged to be used for a dog agility video. So I couldn't resist. There you have it.

These are the specific exercises we worked on:
- Zig zag rear crosses as demonstrated by Steve and Meeker of Agility Nerd. I don't know if I had the jumps too squished together, but our first few tries he ran way too far out ahead, running ahead clear past the next jump. So I had to really hang back and steer from behind.
- Across the feet, once again demonstrated by Steve and Meeker. Several local handlers make great use of this move, inspiring me to add it to our skill set. We got a start on it today.
- Back tunnel i.e. send them into one end of a c-tunnel, then back into the end they just came out of. Would come in very handy for some gambles. Didn't make much if any progress on this. If I was right there at the tunnel exit it was ok, but as soon as there was more distance he either wasn't picking up on the cue and came toward me or else turned around looking for some other obstacle.
- "Get out" to take the out-tunnel at a frame/tunnel discrimination. Oooh, we're rusty on this. Took the frame the first few times.

Lucy got some practice time too today which went really well.

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