Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dogz fun match

Walter ran one course at today's fun match: starters standard. He did lovely moving contacts on the dogwalk and teeter; too bad that's not what we train for. Went back and redid them each time. This summer he has developed a dislike of flies and they seemed to be hanging around at the table, so twice when he was almost at "go" he sat up, chomping at the air hoping to catch a little extra protein. The weaves were a disaster: he'd enter at the second pole and/or pop. Hanging back and letting him enter ahead of me got him entering properly, but his footwork was way off so he inevitably popped. Then we ran out of time. From looking at the video (I will spare you all and not post it here... but if you really want, here it is), his footwork is definitely getting messy. Time for some weave-a-matic fun I think.

Then, the skies opened up for a thunderstorm moments before he was to go on for his try at Gamblers. Of course, he would have laid down a perfect course, nailing every gamble on his first try. Or at least, that's the story I tell myself to make up for our lousy first run. :-D

Oh wait! Walter did something stupendous today: he held a fantastic sit-stay while I walked out to replace a fallen bar! Yay!

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