Friday, June 13, 2008


Earlier this week we packed up and went camping. It was Walter's second time there and Lucy's first. I wasn't sure how it would go with having both dogs there together as they are a handful, but they were awesome so I'd definitely bring them both again next time.

The place is situated on the north shore of Lake Ontario.

On the way there, we took the Loyalist Highway and the free ferry. Way too hot to wait for it in the car so we hopped out for some fresh air (dogs wearing their seatbelt harnesses -- my car is way too small for crating the dogs).

Our site, #77, was terrific. It's the last site on a dead end roadway and is set back a fair bit from the road, a feature that is very much appreciated when one's dogs like to sound the alarm if anyone dares pass by.
One of the great things about this place is that they actually allow the dogs on the beach and in the water. Well, at a couple of designated sites, anyway. The down side is that dogs are supposed to be kept on a 6-foot leash the whole time.

Hanging out on the beach. Hot sun, warm sand, cool water, two well-behaved, calm dogs: This is the life.

Well, so much for the two well-behaved dogs.

Back to business: Surveying his domain.

Walter did not appreciate being forced to pose in front of this terrifying monster carcass that had washed up on shore.

Taking a break at a lookout point on the Cedar Sands trail near the camping area.

Beggers at home; beggers away from home. Some things never change. :-) Supper was a couple of those packaged add-water camping meals: vegan pesto garlic fry bread (YUM) and black bean soup (not so yum) which had to be eaten with a fork due to forgetting to bring a spoon.

Climbing the gorgeous sand dunes that rise as high as 25 meters. It's hard to beat the awesome feeling of hot sand between your toes while the sun warms your back.

At the bottom of one of the sand dunes. A trio of swans (I had no idea there were swans in Ontario) entertained us as we watched from shore.

Photo op at the top of one of the dunes.

Hanging out at the campsite at night.

After three days and two nights, the dogs are exhausted, buckled in the car and ready for the three hour drive back home.

En route back home, an exhausted puppy dreams of her holiday adventures.

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