Sunday, May 25, 2008

Practice (KK9); teeter and dogwalk

Meant to do some good work on outs, but instead ended up focusing more on improving teeter and dogwalk independence.

For the teeter, I can send him from a few meters behind it. He checks in with me around the tipping point, but I say nothing and stand in place with my arm up to support him, and he continues to 2o2o all by his lonesome.

For the dogwalk, working on veering off laterally and hanging back a bit. Like the teeter, he checks in with me a few times, but with an arm to support him he goes to 2o2o.

Should do some work to get his 2o2o straight at the end of the boards since if I'm hanging back he's crabbing around and risks not being in the yellow.

Neither is exactly a blazingly fast performance -- ok, it's slow as molasses actually -- nor independent as such, but it is an improvement and gives me a bit more confidence for entering gamblers this summer. He's registered for his first three MG classes this summer! Should be fun since I haven't entered a dog in any Gamblers class since last September. Still got to get those darn Outs under our belt though!

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