Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Obstacle names / layering / out

Did some work on verbal discriminations with a tunnel and jump side by side, either sending him ahead or recalling. Started with tunnel closed down, clicking for the "over". All went haywire when the tunnel was opened; clearly this sort of thing needs lots more work.

Then did a little sequence layering the teeter behind a turned-down tunnel. He kept just running along the far side of the tunnel. After some patterning he was getting the hang of it but wow do we ever need to do a lot of work on layering/out/discriminations. (no surprise.) It will be fun to work on and I look forward to the day he starts to get it!


Roxanne said...

We practice a basic OUT cue around an island/cart thing I have in the kitchen. I figure if she's going to be right there while I cook, I might as well get some training done.

LucyandWalter said...

I think I may have done too much "out around". He does a great "out around" on the goal posts at the soccer field; yesterday at the agility field it was like he thought he was just supposed to go around the tunnel rather than look for an obstacle beyond it. My goofy boy. :-)