Monday, October 22, 2007

Practice (BF)

For our last green fee practice before the field closes, we worked on slicing jumps and a bit of 6-weaves. He played the "I don't know how to weave" card when I tried to call him through the weaves but did just fine when I sent him to them instead, so it wasn't that it was too hot for him (about 18 degrees). Hmmm. Will have to work on that next year for sure.


Elf said...

Looking at all those photos of Walter, I'm reminded of my first agility dog, Remington. And of someone else who, like me, lost Rem to cancer but whose dog looked so much like him. I love dogs like this. I wasn't sure whether to mention this because it's kind of sad, but also I think it's fun to see other dogs of unknown ancestry who look so much like your own:

Here are the photos.


LucyandWalter said...

I had noticed Rem's and Walter's resemblence as well when first finding your blog, and it pulled me in to read up on him which, in combination with the great writing and sense of humour, quickly led to becoming a regular reader of your blog.

Wow, the similarity between Brandy and Rem, let alone their stories, sure is something.

BTW, I have no aversion to sad things, so no worries there. ;-)