Sunday, October 21, 2007

Group lesson

We worked on various ways of handling a jump/tunnel sequence. It started with a really tight line between two jumps parallel to each other but a few meters apart, sort of like this but not quite that tight:
--     _
A strong slice over both jumps gave a good line to the #3 tunnel. That was challenging enough on its own since I've hardly practiced slicing jumps, but it was even more challenging since the frame was a nearby offcourse and grabbed at Walter several times.

Also, the instructor borrowed each of our dogs to give us a demo on how people generally tend to ask for wider than necessary wraps out of their dogs on jumps with wings v.s. wingless jumps. It was probably the first time he's been asked to work for someone else and although he came back to me several times, he was quickly catching on that working with the instructor was much more rewarding than coming to me and being ignored.

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