Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Wednesday November 8th 2006 - Novice 3, class #2

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Got in some more time on the teeter, and this time I didn't say anything at the pivot and after a few passes he had much more confidence than last week. Did 6 passes on the set of 6 weave poles, including him starting at 5:00 and 7:00, and he did every pass correctly. A weak point in our training showed itself clearly tonight, which is his lack of drive on the frame, particularly when I rear cross behind it. Also, we did some sequences and the instructor noted how after I've led out, when I raise my hand Walter stops looking at me and looks ahead to the obstacle in front of him, looking for his line. Apparently this is something you want to teach your dog in agility, to "find his line". In theory I should be able to lead out ahead of him and be at quite a lateral distance, for example, and when I raise my hand he should look ahead to find the obstacles he's supposed to take. I look forward to learning more about that in later courses! Meanwhile it sucks that the agility field has closed for the season since practice opportunities will now be few and far between! Oh yeah, one last thing: a few of the sequences we ran tonight included the chute, and he did it on the first try (today was his first time with this school's chute).

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