Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday September 10th 2006 - Fun Match

(Backfilled in October 2009 due to impending closure of Geocities)

See below for the course diagrams. It was our second fun match, and we took turns with M&D and J&S in filming each other's runs which was so useful for watching at home afterwards. Here's a description of our runs (all at the Starter's level, 22"):

1) Standard, first try
- Walter didn't put on the brakes on his approach to the table so ended up jumping right off it. The video showed that I didn't slow down approaching the table and in fact ran past it too, which explains it.
- He ran the teeter too fast (didn't pause at the pivot), so we took it again right away and this time he paused properly.
- No bars were knocked down!

2) Standard, second try
- He ran the dogwalk, probably just to stress me out.
- Since he doesn't weave yet, I made him heel past them, but too slowly since that's the only time on all the runs that he sniffed the ground. He stopped sniffing as soon as I started running again.
- Since he had never done this chute before and the course had been modified to exclude it, I had him do the chute after the course. The instructor held the fabric up a bit the first time just to play it safe, no problem; second time, he did it all on his own.
- No bars were knocked down!

3) Steeplechase first try
- He knocked the bar of #3, then ran to the right around the next jump. The video shows that I was running laterally towards him between 3 and 4, possibly explaining the run-by.
- He jumped the tire way too high, brushing his back against the top of the tire.
- His downside on the frame was really slow (getting tired).
- Rear cross to last jump, he ran around the far side of the jump, twice. Took the line again, and that time he got it.

4) Steeplechase second try
- Since he was pretty tired by now (the event was running two hours longer than expected) I did lots and lots of treating and threw the ball for him at the end.
- No bars were knocked down!

In summary: He paid no attention to the ring crew, even with them sitting just feet away from the start-line stay; he knocked only one bar all day; need to work on rear cross and of course weaves! Also, I need to get it straight in terms of what I expect/train for at contacts... 2o2o with bow, or just 2o2o?

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