Saturday, November 14, 2009

Morning Star trial: Walter's farewell to 22" specials!

Our last trial of 2009!

The weather outside was relatively warm and the inside of the building was crazy warm. So much for a nice cold trial for Walter. Hopefully it will be good and cold at their January trial, but after that, next year I'll probably just do one day instead of two since it's basically a summer weather trial. Save some money and spend it on the (very few) venues that don't feel like summer in the middle of fall or winter. Anyway, enough whining! I'm sure the wee little short-haired dogs appreciated the warmth, and it made for comfortable hanging-out-between-runs-in-a-t-shirt time.


Three Standards: One run was a Q, one was botched by weave issues, and the other I can't remember what the goofs were.

Three Gamblers: One run was a Q, two weren't. Tough gambles today for sure but always fun to give them a try. Our Q rate in Snooker is much higher, but I'll take a Gamblers run over a Snooker run any day!

Speaking of trying, tried a new dish for my Kingston trial tradition of take-out from Lotus Heart Blossoms Vegetarian Restaurant: Pasta Mediterranea - delicious! Will definitely get this again.


Three Standards: Weaves botched in all three runs, some other miscellaneous goofs too here and there in two of the runs.

Walter hanging out in hot summer-like temps.

One Snooker: A decent Q.

One Jumpers: A fun Q. I love nice, flowy courses that don't present off course options at every turn.

And last but not least: One Steeplechase. I hadn't originally signed up for this, but in the morning decided to add it on since it was a gorgeous, fast, fun, flowing course, exactly what a Steeplechase is supposed to be, and it had two frames instead of two weaves. So, it looked like a fantastic way to end our day and to celebrate the end of Walter's time as part of 22" specials. However, when the time came around late in the afternoon Walter was getting tired and in his previous course (Standard) had big trouble with the weaves, so I was second guessing about my decision to add it on. Anyway, the worry was for naught as we had a blast over Walter's last ever 22" jumps. He ran wonderfully, no weave issues at all, Qd with 8 seconds to spare, and took first (though in an admittedly very small height class :) )

I could not have asked for a better run with which to say farewell to 22" specials!

I admit I shed a few quiet tears back at his crate after that run. I'm just a really sentimental person when it comes to goodbyes, and in a way that run was a goodbye to... oh no, here come the tears again... I guess, to the innocence with which I started on the agility journey with Walter four years ago this coming January. I found myself thinking ahead to the day Walter and I will have our last ever run together. I just feel so grateful to Walter for all he has given me and the experiences I've had and friends I've met, all thanks to his willingness to play the game of agility with me.

I love my dog! 16" vets here we come!!!

For posterity's sake, here's our last ever 22" Jumpers run and the last part of our Steeplechase run (the first part didn't make it on video):


Sam said...

I think he looks wonderful and his career has obviously been really successful at 22". Looking forward to seeing the 16" Walter out there tearing up the course once again next year.

Muttsandaklutz said...

Thanks Sam. I can't wait to see Walter loving his new jump height :)

La complice de Jasmine / Jasmine's Partner In Crime said...

One of my work collegues looks at retirement as "Rejoyce!". Therefore, rejoyce Walter! The vet runs will be even more fun, more entertaining and think of all the great pooches you'll be working with. Vets are the ones who are thechamps at gamblers and who give other dogs a great rep with their good manners. Rejoyce!

Muttsandaklutz said...

You're right Lyne! Rejoyce we shall! Thanks for your most excellent advice. :)

Elf said...

Gosh, that sounds like a wonderful event for you. Congratulations.

Elayne said...

Yay for Walter for having such nice last runs. I'm sure he'll love 16". Cody had a blast when I moved him down to the lower jumps.