Friday, July 17, 2009

The Big Oh-Five!

Happy birthday Walter! Five years ago today, a sweet stray dog gave birth to ten puppies only a short time after being rescued from homelessness and arriving at her foster home.

They all found great homes, including his mom. Just a slight bit of family resemblance eh?

Walter on the day we met, about five weeks old.

Walter at two and a half months, in the middle of one of his awkward ear stages.

All grown up. This photo is from a few years ago but is one of my favourites. So happy and relaxed.

Here he is, officially five years old, keeping our elderly, ailing cat Gizmo company.


Elayne said...

Happy B-day to Walter! What a cute puppy.

I hear 5 is the new 3.

Nat said...

Happy birthday Walter! Gosh he was an adorable puppy, and he grew up into a very handsome dog. He's about the same age as Mika, just a few months' difference!


Elf said...

OMG, I am weeping with the cuteness of these photos. Maybe my next dog will be a big yella mixed breed again. If only I can find one with the drive and speed of Boost, or even Tika. There's a wonderful yellow lab competing in our area whose speed is amazing! Name is Quiz. But even with his speed he has trouble beating the top BCs, whose center of gravity is so much lower. Sigh. I do like those big yellas, though.

Muttsandaklutz said...

Thank you everyone!

"5 is the new 3" - I can't stop giggling!

Nat - So you and I were probably oohing and aahing over our super-cute puppies at the same time :)

Elf - Maybe there are some bc breeders in some far flung corners of the world who have yellow bcs? Is it possible? I'm having trouble picturing that... But hey can you picture a whippified Walter? Check this out:

Elf said...

Wow! I'm almost speechless! Sure isn't your typical whippet!

Elf said...

And, well, there's these-- and since it's *possible* to have, say, an all-black border collie, I suppose it's possible to have an all-yellow one...

Muttsandaklutz said...

Wow, those are some different looking border collies. Thanks for the link.