Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ontario Regionals (Nepean Equestrian Park)

I'm proud to say that my timing was great this weekend! Not in the rings, of course, but outside them as I wandered from ring to ring to ring to ring to ring to ring (six ring circus) trying to catch as many friends' runs as possible. Got to watch some of my favourite agility dogs in action plus a bunch of other great agility dogs I'd never seen in person before.

All but the littlest, shiveringest dogs seemed to thrive in the cool temps, which would have been perfect for Walter too. Saturday was a cool, breezy 11 degrees for most of the day, "warming" up to a high of 16 in the late afternoon. Sunday was more of the same but with the added bonus of hail and a bout of heavy rain. Doesn't get much cooler than that for this time of year; normal would be a high of 22.

Parts of the site were a bit swampy given all the rain in the last few days, but the rings seemed in good shape. The oodles and oodles of goose poop blanketing everywhere didn't seem to distract the dogs at all.

Brought Walter and his well-wrapped foot for a couple of hours Saturday afternoon to hang out and get used to the site in case he gets a spot in the one-day qualifier in July. Apparently there will be quite a number of people applying for it this year, so no guarantee we'll get a spot, but oh well. I'm sure Walter would be able to get over the disappointment. ;-)

"Ha! All you suckers have to run around and work up a sweat while I can just relax here with my bo-bo and soak in the sympathy. And the sympathy treats." :P

At the top of the bank that overlooks four of the rings.

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