Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Nat from Dream Dogz tagged me in the 5th photo thing. Hmmm let's see... Well, not a particularly thrilling photo:

Lucy and Walter trying to sleep, December 2007. Wait a minute, December 2007...!? Oh boy. I only have three photo folders: "have been printed", "not to print", and "to print". This photo was in the "to print" folder (though in retrospect, I'm not quite sure why, lol). Guess it's about time to load them onto a disk and get the darn things printed eh!

Few of the blogs I visit haven't already been tagged with this, and I can't remember which ones they are, so I'll politely bow out of tagging other blogs. Thanks though Nat, it's a fun tag and was a really good reminder to get my photos printed! :-)

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