Sunday, September 14, 2008

All Dogs trial - day 2

First up was Gamblers, first thing in the morning. The main gamble included 12 weaves so I wasn't very optimistic. Well, even our opening was pathetic. We couldn't even get the very do-able mini-gamble of jump-tunnel-jump; he kept doing his best sheltie imitation and spinned in front of the tunnel. And overall we weren't in tune and had only 21 points in the opening. Yikes. We didn't try the other do-able mini gamble of jump to frame because it was raining and the frame was known to be slippery even when dry. On to the closing: the #1 was right at the exit gate and Walter could not be convinced that in fact the run was not yet over and demanded his end-of-run reward. So we didn't even get to the weaves! Ha!

Jumpers: About a 4 hour wait between Gamblers and Jumpers might be part of the reason that his usual crispness wasn't quite there. Not a terrible run, but an uncharacteristic knocked bar in the opening line; also took the far end of a c-shaped tunnel instead of the correct close end. Video below.

Standard: I hereby declare a new title which Walter has proudly earned: WlSMADC (Weaveless Special Masters Agility Dog of Canada). Haha! This was the third MS run in which our only glitch was the weaves. It was really hot and humid and the sun had just come out but I thought he had a chance of doing the weaves because they were only #3 in. Shortly before his run I hosed him down and pumped him up with his soccer ball that he gets in practice for doing clean weaves. I made sure to hang back and send him ahead to the weaves but he popped 5 or 6 poles through, then weaved between a few more poles of his own accord. "Good try" and we continued with the rest of the open and flowing course which he handled really well including sticking his teeter and dw.

Here's video of the only run that was filmed, today's Jumpers.


Elf said...

Congratulations on having a WlSMADC title! Hey, ya takes what you can gets, eh? One thing at a time--seems like there's always something to work on, but it seems to always slowly get better. I mean, when you started, did you ever think you'd be at this level of competition, ever, really? When I started, I don't know that I believed that I'd ever be able to get out of Novice. Plus Walter's just a good-looking guy, so who needs titles? ;-)


LucyandWalter said...

Haha! Thank you :-) Yes, and... well wouldn't it be boring if everything came too easily? Where's the challenge in that? (at least, that's what I keep telling myself...)

Johann The Dog said...

The vid was great! I fixed something on Johann's run last weekend and really beat myself up for it - I never, ever make him do anything over - but when I get on the course, I forget stuff!

I think you guys are looking good!

LucyandWalter said...

Thanks Johann! I try not to fix things too but need to remind myself of that from time to time.