Sunday, July 20, 2008

K9 Kup #2

Jumpers: Well, we had a first today when a loose dog ran onto the course while we were running. We were just starting the homestretch when I heard the crowd's "uh ohs" and "oh nos" and saw a white blur out of the corner of my eye so we immediately stopped. Upon seeing the standard poodle Walter was like, "what the heck? what's he doing here?" and was a good boy. Tried to get him to do an obstacle (the chute) on his way out of the ring just to end it on a normal note, but he was not liking that chute and didn't take it. In our re-run, again he ran great but he got what would be a refusal on the chute which was the last obstacle. Oh and I led out on both of the Jumpers runs -- he was scootier than usual (note in the video how far back from the first jump I set him up! lol) but didn't break his stay (well, granted my definition of breaking the stay is verrrrry loose!).

Gamblers: Poor Walter and I couldn't even do the mini-gamble today, nevermind the main one! I think I was being really lazy in my handling, taking it for granted that he would get them. He did get them eventually but only because refusals don't count at K9 Kup. Didn't lead out because there really was no benefit to doing so. Didn't catch this one on video.

Standard: Didn't lead out, again because the opening line was easily done without it. He had a good run but alas, more weave woes! The first go at the six-weaves he just ran right past them, then on the re-try he popped out half-way through! This was a bit surprising because there were only six poles, but on the other hand not that surprising because it was hot and it was the last run of the day. Those were the only weaves we attempted today.

Here's the video of the Jumpers and Standard. My favourite part of the video is his running frame in the Standard: One could almost think his striding had been deliberately trained ;-) Actually it's kind of funny, while running that last line I thought to myself, I'm going to really sprint this line just to see how his frame holds up. And I really felt like I was sprinting. Alas, the video shows I was just poking along as usual. :-D

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