Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dream Fields trial - Day 1

Today being Starters and Advanced only, Walter had only one run:

Advanced Standard
I'm really happy about the way he ran this course. It's so nice to have a flowy, connected run with one's dog. No Q though because... (a) He refused the dogwalk several times. This is a relatively springy dogwalk of which he's always been leery... could it be that he remembered the springiness from his other experiences at this facility? Are dogs that smart? (I think so.) He did take it after a few approaches but he didn't exactly look very confident doing it. Then, (b) he missed the weave entry due to my getting in his way in the preceding front cross. Didn't bother to go back and fix it since he weaved the rest of it fine and I don't want to make an issue of the weaves, plus it was my fault anyway. His table was fine today.

Caught him sleeping in the car later on (while Lucy was doing her runs) which is good. Of course, it probably took three hours of constant surveillance before he allowed himself a break from his car guarding duties (he seems to think a tiny, fur-infested, dog-stinky car would be a thief's first choice to take on a joyride) to succumb to a nap. Tomorrow I'll crate him mostly inside the facility and see how that goes.

Classes entered: 1 (Advanced Standard)
Qs: 0
Temperature: cold! (-10 or so outside, probably around 0 inside)

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